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Want to Look Royal and Classy? Go with Shaheehohra

SHAHEE JOHRA has been established since 2017 providing trendy Royal Outfits.
SPECIALITY OF ShaheeJohra is it’s
Royal Outfits and a wide range of high end Pakistani brands. But over the years we have succeeded in making Shaheejohra a home for our customers and a leading powerhouse in the North West for affordable ready-to-wear Asian Fashion all the way…..!!!
Shahee offers professional stiching service for our customers, our aim is to offer affordable prices. We deal with all kind of Orignal outfits from daily wear to Shahee (ROYAL) wedding atelire to give the feel of being special and classy!!!
We are passionate in serving our customers the best and spectacular service and affordable prices that brings them back to the one and only SHAHEE JOHRA!!!